Career and expand with Fajar Baizury Group? Why not?

Fajar Baizury Group which have stood since year of 1982 continuing the consistence apply the good management principles so that can succeed in running the healthy effort and through various the crisis knock over the Indonesia.

In line with his aspiration to be company agro best industry in Indonesia as according to Vision, Fajar Baizury Group continue to develop the business in area plantation of coconut sawit, coconut factory sawit and coconut freighter sawit.

Progress Fajar Baizury Group do not miss from the contribution and role is very big his employeeses.

With based on awareness there will be of requirement of employees to support the business growth rate progressively mount, we open opportunity for you to join and develop the career with our.

For you that have the spirit ,full of initiative, self confidence, have a good skill of communications and Interpersonal, and also have willingness to learn the high, join with us to join in to share active go to “Fajar Baizury Group” one of the Success Company!!

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