Visionary Management

kelapa sawit

Our vision is to become an industrial leader in Nangroe Aceh Darussalam based on palm oil commodity. It is one of the superior commodity. And developing an area of palm oil plantation comprises of several integrated works with a lot of workers of various skills needed and furthermore it develops the economic growth of the community arround.

Palm oil is needed in the world as an alternative vegetable oil. Most of developing countries use it as a cooking oil while on the other hand it is used in developed countries as a raw material for any other industries like in pharmaceutical, medical and chemical. Lately, there is a research going on in the hope that may be one day, a gasoline can be replaced by a palm oil biodiesel because cars machine need not to be modified and best of all it decreases pollution.

Oil palm plantation development area consist of different types of goods supplies, building houses, roads and drainages. This work is executed not only by low level workers but also skilled workers and different types of heavy equipments also take important role in this job. As an illustration, a palm oil division of 700 ha needs 1 field assistant, 3 administrative workers, 4 field foreman and 101 field workers. This division has to have 30 km of roads and 287 km of drainages of different sizes, 8 permanent houses and 20 barracks.

The existence of this palm oil division indirectly helps the economic growth of near by village. Most of the field workers come from the village. The development of it also stimulates the growth of small business such as restaurants, grocery stores, etc. Imagine that these jobs would last for 25 years before the crops have to replanted and many new bussiness will energe along the way.


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